As part of a larger exploration on designing for social awareness we were tasked with developing short but concise sentences based on two unrelated themes. Each sentence was followed by a series of abstract sketches that aligned with the chosen subjects. Focusing on embodying the essence of our themes we created a collection of 24" x 36" posters. In order to examine every element involved in the design process we set limitations on our creative. We developed three sets of visuals using: type + color, shape + color, type + shape.


Don't Disguise Mental Illness

Mental health is a subject that many ignore and prefer not to talk about. Truth is that one in four adults experience mental illness in a given year and one is seventeen live with a serious condition, Whether one suffers or not people prefer to hide the truth. My goal with these visuals was to inspire discussion.

You are You - They are Too

With the growth of technology we extended amounts of access into other people's lives, because of this identity theft has become an increasing problem all over the world. This sentence was written to evoke a pause. The rhyming makes the subject seem sweet until processed. There are two takes on the theme; both play with the idea of two worlds merging into one and the difficulty of finding boundaries.